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Top 5 Benefits of Process Automation with Custom Software

Your business is most likely driven by a series of methods and processes you have personally designed to work for you. Perhaps, you have already written an application in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access which needs to be more robust? Or you have experienced executing regular tasks in your business that require sequencing of events—first this and then that…get approval from finance, route through marketing, escalate to legal, get another approval, and so on and so forth.

Such manual procedures are okay when the business is still starting but as the enterprise expands, it experiences growing pains which would need additional processes to be put in place.

Process automation is the key to this. It improves agility and customer engagement by eliminating those manual processes, inefficient data processing routines and poor integrated systems.

Examples of business benefits derived from process automation include R.J. Reynolds by automating its Accounts Payable, Cisco Systems by adopting web-based customer relationship management, and Frito-Lay by automating its purchasing processes. All having taken a wise approach to transforming difficult tasks and processes into real-world solutions improving productivity and increasing business efficiency.

Here are the top five powerful benefits it can bring to your business:

1)  Visibility – Process Automation provides you a clear view of the items in the workflow. It simply streamlines communications so you can use a single dashboard to quickly see all your requests (incoming and outgoing) alongside the details about the present stage in the business process.

2) Document management – Go paperless! Process automation with custom software can provide you with paperless collection system where you can generate reports quickly and can search and retrieve all documents easily. This leads to reducing the time employees spend filing and retrieving documents.

3) Security – Security is never an issue with availing this service because it’s highly secure with industrial strength encryption, password security, and protected levels, hence, taking your business to the cloud and provide better collaboration with customers and employees.

4) Team Accountability “I missed that email,” can no longer be an excuse. There would be less opportunity for mix-ups, lost files, and finger pointing. By automating your business processes, managers could see who is responsible for what tasks.  Approvals, rejections and inputs are all bound to the person who performs the action.

5) Business efficiency – With process automation, alerts and task reminders can be generated automatically which allows process to move ahead faster since nobody’s is waiting for files to be transported from desk to desk and no one needs to notify the next person in line.On a management level, team leaders can have a clear picture of the produced tasks enabling them to be more proactive about addressing and correcting potential blocks. Thus, the team can reduce the time they spent in update and review meetings.

Even small businesses can benefit from process automation. If you have to repeat the same actions more than a few times each work week, then likely you are ready to experience the benefits of process automation.

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