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The growing importance of local SEO to small businesses

Every single day, billions of people are conducting search queries online. Many are shopping for goods and services—where to get snacks and drinks with coworkers, where to buy new OOTDs and where to avail current trends. And today’s era of smartphones, there is no doubt that local SEO would become its great ally. In fact, research shows more and more consumers who searched using their smartphones have eventually became instant customers of businesses they found online within a single day.

Local Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing that allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers. Local SEO uses search engines like Google and business directories such as Yelp, Superpages, Qype & TouchLocal. As years gone by, the importance of local SEO has really grown wild. Here are the evident reasons why:

Link Building and Social Sharing

Another vital role of the SEO is its productive creation of potential partnerships between two business firms. It creates a link between them which functions for social sharing purposes.

Through this, marketers will be able to meet potential clients who can help grow your business in the future. Meetings with other website owners and local bloggers can also change your approach towards business in a positive way.

Local Level Exposure

One of the ideal reasons for using local SEO is its capacity to reach targeted people in a specific area where your business is established. Hence, this makes SEO, a powerful tool for the small business owners who have recently started their enterprises.

Business Extension

Your website is considered to be the online reference to your business. With the help of local SEO, it will be easier for your customers to interact with your business. Once your website is optimized, its content is constantly updated and at the same time popularized hence, highlighting the business’ background, services, products, promotions and other relevant activities leading to opportunities and growth.

Growth of Mobile and Wearable Devices

In 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan, more Google searches take place on a mobile device than a PC. And with the popularity of wearable devices, like smartwatches, more and more searches will happen on the go. As a result of this, local and proximity-based searches will become more frequent.

According to Adam Farra, CEO of HostGator, “Society today is already transitioning from PCs to mobile Internet usage, so local SEO will be a necessity, not a ‘nice to have’ in the very near future.”


If the steps and processes are followed correctly, local SEO will help businesses yield more profit along with the much needed online exposure. Traffic for your website can increase exponentially and immediately if your site is listed in the top spot of search engine results. Just make sure you’re providing the right content to the right people, driving their online searches to your business.

If your business thrives on doing business locally, you must understand how businesses in local markets are found today. Clearly, a lot of people find local businesses by asking a friend or colleague for a recommendation. Well, if your business is lucky enough to receive a referral by word of mouth, there’s surely a great chance your business will benefit. Be sure to tune up your local SEO, you must be confident when consumers turn to a search engine to find local businesses.

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