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Current Trends in Web Design

The emerging changes in the web, mobile devices and technology as a whole, push designers to find ways in maximizing the user experience. Unlike older web designs which had controlled mechanism, today’s designs are composed of open standards and protocols, freely sharing source code and powerful platforms run by programmers across the world.

With actual goals of providing simple, accessible and responsive designs, here are current web design trends that will surely meet and satisfy the users’ needs.

Stripping away distractions in order to keep focus on a certain content, artfully creates the popular visual aesthetic of minimalism which has been used by designers for years. It requires a combination of beautiful typography, well-executed whitespace and carefully chosen color palette that aims to leave an impression of art and drama.

Some web visitors are not looking for complex appearances. They don’t care as much about the colors, images or sounds, instead, their main focus is on the text. No matter how many bells and whistles you’ve built into a website, they prefer to rely on text in order to accomplish the purpose of the visit. That alone should make typography, the art and technique of arranging type, a primary focus of your web design.

From pressing an elevator button to liking a witty status, pinning an awesome photo and retweeting inspirational message, we all perform tons of single-action tasks every day. These are simple moments of engagement called microinteractions.

Well-designed microinteractions can be defining because despite its simplicity, they’re often very powerful. When done right, microinteractions offer an intuitive way to interact with a website. When done wrong, they can cause frustration through unexpected functionality or downright quirkiness.

A Duotone design features a grayscale image with a second, non-black color. Blue, brown, red and yellow are considered to be the everyday choices. Duotone creates great hero backgrounds because they add some life without unduly distracting the content, or creating legibility issues. A simple duotone color scheme can also be a great way to create a clean, consistent-looking page—particularly when you’re trying to present different images in the same place such as logos or team member headshots.

Utilizing videos and animations can either add good flavor to your page, or distract the user. When executed well, this trend can enhance a page’s content. According to Jerry Cao at Awwwards, “A simple animated background can add visibility to a site, but should be used in moderation or it can be very distracting to the user. The key is to work on individual sections or create a gentle movement of an entire image.” Hence, the developers goal is to play with frame rates until the videos and content are cohesive and seamless.

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The long scroll’s intuitive functionality on mobile devices makes navigation easier, eliminating the extra clicks necessary to reveal content. Eye-catching transitions and differentiated section designs transform what could be a monotonous trudge into a delightful process of discovery. This eventually opens the door for more narrative approaches and simpler interaction models.

This design simply pushes the content down, filling the whole screen. The smooth scrolling action makes it less disruptive, and the full-screen layout offers more space to incorporate actually persuasive content. Plus, there’s no need to manually close out the modal—you just scroll to move on. Nowadays, email marketing is such a huge deal, thus it would be an ideal medium to use it in signing up for a page. And while they might not present a perfect-world solution where blogs just let us sign up if we want to, at least they’re a bit less annoying.

A grid is a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines that serve as guides to place elements in a design. Grid-based layout is one of the popular trends in web design. It provides a solid visual and structural balance in the website and common graphic language that makes it easier for both designers and developers to work on it. Sophisticated layout structures offer more flexibility and enhance the visual experience of page visitors.

These are just some of the current web design trends, there are still more!

If there’s one fact about web design, it’s that it is always evolving. Design is dynamic, and must adjust to accommodate both form and function. Because of this ever-changing nature, it can be a challenge to keep up with the newest design trends.

After all, what matters is the reaction of the web visitors. And according to Milton Glaser, there are three main responses. They are yes, no and wow! WOW is the one to aim for.

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