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Americans Love Their Mobile Apps

It’s no surprise that as a culture, Americans love mobile apps. You would be hard pressed to find someone who does not know what a mobile app is or how to use one. They have turned into this amazing solution for many of our daily needs, tasks, and activities ranging from health and fitness, entertainment, productivity, and the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless in this ever growing market and the fact is- they are here to stay!

The interesting point about mobile apps is their degree of usage and popularity based on age. It may be perceived that mobile apps are for the younger crowd… the millennials, or the techy hipsters and such. So this may surprise many of you to hear but, according to every age demographic uses a fair amount of apps, in fact 55+ year old people are using over 20 apps at the rate of 21 hours a month!

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How do we perceive this? Well, there seems to be a trend shift that age is no longer a barrier to technologies. Those who shy away from taking advantage of this mobile technology and expanding market may soon find themselves outgunned by their competition in an increasingly tech savvy world.

So we can confidently state, Americans of all ages love their mobile apps!

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