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Hello, we are ACi Creative Design.

We are the Seattle digital marketing agency to trust for your website, custom software, or mobile app development needs. We offer fantastic online marketing services, too.

ACi Creative Design is a division of Augustine Consulting, inc (ACi), a veteran-owned business established in 2007. ACi is a company specializing in systems integration, engineering, product development, and operations research analysis. As a digital marketing agency, ACi Creative Design’s goal is to be the best web design, mobile app, custom software, and online marketing services provider in the USA. We offer best value services focused on customer satisfaction and success. You take care of business and your customers; we will handle your website, support software, or mobile app.


To be the best value web design, mobile app, custom software, and online marketing service provider in the USA.


To enable small to mid-sized companies to focus on their businesses and customers while we build their online presence.

Where we work

We work hard so we like to keep our workspace laidback. Our setup allows for optimum collaboration and creative work.

How we work

We treat our clients as part of our team; their goals are ours, too. In every project we take on, we always strive to be the best.

Who we are

This is the team who will help you build the most awesome website and mobile app. These are the experts who will improve your online marketing efforts and boost your business.

Meet The Team

The secret to truly successful work isn’t just about technology; it’s about working with the right people. And in this team, you will find a diverse group of qualified and dedicated individuals who will work hard to bring your vision for your website or mobile app to life.

  • Chris Augustine

    President and CEO

    After retiring from a 20 year career in the US Army Infantry as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, in 2007 Chris formed Augustine Consulting, Inc. (ACI) as a consultancy firm contracting services to the US government. The first contract was for a small team to provide support services for the field testing of the Army’s Land Warrior System in Iraq. From those humble beginnings ACI has grown into a consultancy firm of over one hundred employees providing services to the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Energy, and also a commercial division providing services for small to mid-sized businesses.
    Chris’ hobbies include running a girls competitive fastpitch travel softball organization, and golfing. Chris aspires to coach a national championship girls fastpitch travel softball team. When Chris isn’t working or coaching, you could probably find him out on one of the many beautiful golf courses the Monterey peninsula has to offer.

  • Pat Augustine

    Business Unit Manager

    After spending 7 years in the US Army as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Infantry and Military Police Corps, Pat attended California State University, Chico and obtained a B.S. in Computer Science. He then joined Hewlett Packard in Vancouver as a Software Engineer. After 12 years, Pat left Hewlett Packard to help his brother Chris with ACi, managing the Business Administration team for the company. Pat formed and is also managing the ACi Creative Design business unit and is preparing to bring a cloud-based software product to market.
    Pat’s hobbies include fitness and nutrition, and just about anything sports related. Pat runs an average of about 100 miles per month and works out at the gym five days per week. Pat is also a huge fan of mixed martial arts and has attended a couple live UFC events with his brother Chris.


Elgin Lutz
Branch Manager

After leaving the Army, Elgin worked for Augustine Consulting Inc. as a unit system integrator. He is currently the ACi Creative Design branch manager and is working on obtaining his B.S in Psychology from Indiana University.
Elgin’s hobbies include oil painting, graphic design, and cheering for his beloved Chicago Cubs.

Phone: (253) 279-6956
Email: elutz@acicreativedesign.com
Skype: elutz.aci


Stanley Morris
Lead Business Analyst

Stan served in the Army for 7 years as a Non-Commissioned Officer as a Signal Support Systems Specialist/Repairer. He holds a B. S. in Networking and Communications Management degree and is currently the Lead Business Analyst of ACi Creative Design.
He enjoys basketball, fitness, photography, and learning new technology.

Phone: (253) 279-1226
Email: smorris@acicreativedesign.com
Skype: smorris.aci


David Janklow
Sales Manager

Dave joined the Army and was subsequently deployed to Iraq after graduating from high school. Following his departure from service, he started working for Augustine Consulting Inc. and completed his Business Administration degree.
Dave loves spending time with his growing family, hunting, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.

Phone: (253) 777-2081
Email: djanklow@acicreativedesign.com
Skype: djanklow.aci


Daniel Ward
Business Analyst

After 8½ years of Army active duty, Dan transitioned into the Washington State National Guard as an Infantry Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. He holds an Associate of Arts in General Studies and a BA in Organizational Leadership.
He is currently working on his MA in Business Administration at Saint Martin’s University.

Phone: (253) 442-4527
Email: dward@acicreativedesign.com
Skype: dward.aci


Brooke Devol
SMB Consultant

Brooke’s professional background includes a combined 15 years of experience in Animal Health Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic and Genetic Testing, and Subject Matter Expert, Market Developer, and Account Executive in Specialty and Fine Chemicals.Brooke is an adventurer at heart.
She has explored Costa Rica, Belize, the Scottish Highlands, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

Phone: (253) 579 5423
Email: bdevol@acicreativedesign.com
Skype: bdevol.aci


Dan Dofelmier
SMB Consultant

Dan is a Sr. Non-Commissioned Officer in an Information Operations Unit. He has enjoyed a 2-decade sales career and is currently working on completing his undergraduate degree in Business Management.
Dan likes spending time with his family, golfing, going to spin classes, jogging, lifting weights and staying active.

Phone: (253) 777 2299
Email: ddofelmier@acicreativedesign.com
Skype: ddofelmier.aci

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